Vogel Crystal

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Quartz crystals have been used in the engineering and electronics fields for decades. Remember the old Quartz radios? Some of the properties of crystals that make them so precise and effective in managing and tuning the electromagnetic signals in radios also make them effective in managing and tuning the electromagnetic signals in your body.

Here is a quote about how that works.

"Quartz Crystal Operation & Theory

- quartz crystals work by converting electrical signals into mechanical vibrations within the crystal which are affected by the mechanical resonances of the physical crystal and then converted back to the electrical domain affecting the circuits accordingly."

The Vogel Crystal is a quartz crystal which has been engineered to a more precise structure. It is often 12-sided with pointed ends.

The application of quartz crystals to electrical signals and mechanical vibrations applies to the human body as well. How? First, you need to understand the definition of electromagnetic energy.

Electromagnetic energy occurs anywhere electricity flows - whether through a lamp cord or your spinal cord! The electric fields in the body are often measured by EEG's and EKG's but the volt meter also measures the electrical energy of all living things (Dr. Harold Saxton Burr).

The most common result of an electromagnetic field is heat. When you have an injured area in your body and there is more nerve synapses firing, then that area gives off heat.

Work with the Vogel Crystal can help decrease the trauma areas by drawing the excess electromagnetic energy in that area and helps with healing.

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